At CCMS & Associates we settle claims efficiently due to the high-quality data collected, resulting in the integration into the existing insurance business processes.

As technology and tools advance in business operations, claims adjusting services are moving into the future. Implementing advancements in technology produces an improved customer service experience. CCMS & Associates embraces and implements technology solutions helping serve our customers, policyholders and stakeholders.

CCMS & Associates model focuses on operational efficiencies with constant improvement and direct focus on making the Complex – Simple.

CCMS & Associates - Tech & Data

Technology and IoT

From drones to IoT (Internet of Things) carriers are faced with Insuretech advances in claim adjusting. CCMS & Associates are leaders in independent claim adjusting services helping our clients focus on the right tools and for their strategic plan for Insuretech of things. Our experts provide solutions that fit strategic, operational and financial goals of the client.

Data Analytics

We are unique in our claim, investigation, handling and adjusting practice – collecting and analyzing unstructured claim data.  Built in the company’s DNA is the drive to identify patterns for predictive analytics and focused claim response.  We retain and unlock claim data throughout the claim. Capture the Value of your Unstructured Claim Data through use of expert specialized adjusters.

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