At CCMS & Associates, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of compliance and ethical conduct in the insurance industry. Our team of licensed insurance adjusters and investigators is meticulously trained and rigorously adheres to all state and federal regulations, ensuring that we deliver services with unparalleled accuracy and integrity. We understand the importance of trust in our industry vertical, which is why we maintain a proactive approach to staying abreast of the latest industry developments and legislative changes, guaranteeing that our practices are not only compliant but also at the forefront of industry standards.

At CCMS & Associates our unwavering commitment to compliance is reflected in our rigorous internal protocols and continuous improvement practices. Every team member at CCMS undergoes comprehensive background checks, ensuring a trustworthy and professional workforce. We adhere to a strict regimen of regular license audits, guaranteeing that our credentials are always current and in line with industry standards. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, our team engages in up-to-date continuing education, staying well-informed about the latest trends and regulations in the insurance sector. Moreover, our dedication to excellence is further enhanced by our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), which provides cutting-edge training modules. This system not only facilitates our staff's professional development but also ensures that our firm remains at the forefront of compliance and industry best practices.

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COVID-19 (Coronovirus)

Claims Handling Protocol

CCMS & Associates was designed to operate remotely and strategically in any catastrophe situation, regardless of impact.

Our advanced technology and digital solutions allow our field and desk adjusting services to handle high-volume claim events to assist you in avoiding disruptions in your customer service continuity.

CCMS & Associates is committed and prepared to safely provide services to our clients and associates during the global response to the COVID-19 and any other disruption that requires a touchless approach.

We look forward to continuing our services for you, our client partners, and your policyholders while ensuring safety and well-being for all that are involved in the claim process.

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Digital Field Inspections

CCMS & Associates is dedicated to the safety and care of everyone we connect with. We understand that policyholders may be on high alert recently, and since the claim investigation process is truly a personal experience for the policyholder – we continue to strive to make their experience as stress-free as possible.

Our digital claims investigation tool assists our field adjusters and policyholders to communicate and inspect the loss without the adjuster having to enter the insured’s home.

Our field adjusting professionals and associates are trained using our Learning Management System that is customized to provide the most effective digital inspection training. We continue to offer services that include full inspections with protections in place to ensure that our associates and the policyholders are not in harm’s way.

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Desk Adjuster Resource

Our Desk Adjuster Resources continue to be a major part of our assistance to client partners. We can help our client partners avoid disruption through the use of our remote claim examination services.